Monday, April 22, 2013

5 minute gestures and some sketches

Alright! I've been really excited to get this blog up and rolling, but I wanted to make sure I had all my ducks in a row before I so much as burst from the starting gate. I think at long last, I'm finally ready to see how this goes.

I hope to use this blog to not only give me a weekly goal to strive towards (such as some sort of weekly project or something to keep me making things), but also to sort of journal my progress, thoughts and document new things I want to try out or learn from. Other things, too, I'm sure. I won't bore you with a giant introduction.

So let's start this out with a small bundle of 5-minute gestures I've done throughout this last week.

And now a few other sketches that I've also done throughout the week both in my Strathmore sketchbook and my smaller moleskin sketchbook. 

Harpie sketch (profile)

Harpie sketch (three-quarter)

Big Daddy* scribble by memory (2 1/2 inches tall)

Thumbnail concept for senior thesis film
Yep! Here's to finally kicking off this little blog and hopefully I can keep on some kind of an update schedule.  My goal is to update it at least once a week, Saturday or Sunday at the latest. But it can be anything, from concept thumbnails to gestures to possibly spending the week on some sort of bigger project. So long as something updates.

Over the summer and fall, there will probably be a lot of concepts towards my senior thesis film.

Thanks! :)

*Big Daddy (c) Bioshock series

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